2017 Certification Plan


Security Solutions Consulting Engineer @ Cisco - CCNA R&S/CCNA Security, CCDA & CCNP R&S - Currently working on CCIE Security. Sharing my knowledge and passion for technology. All views are mine and NOT of my company.

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  1. Sven says:

    Hi Kelvin,

    with excitementI have read some of your blog posts here about the aNCE program and the different stages you went through. Congratulations on passing them. 🙂
    I would like to apply for this program as well after I finished my master in computer science because like you I have a great passion for networking (I already have my CCNA).
    What I would be interested in is what happened after you joined the trainee program in Krakow. Are there any reasons you have not blogged about this?
    Have you stayed the whole 6 months in Krakow or were you allowed to study from home from time to time to be able to visit friends? How was the life in Krakow? Where you living in some kind of hotel there or were all students sleeping in the Cisco headquarter? How was the daily life there? Did you hear lectures about CCNA or could you choose to hear special things like CCNA Security as well? Did you have any choice to begin with? For example I wonder what I would do if I join and I already have my CCNA. Am I allowed to study different things then? Are there labs with lots of interesting Cisco equipment which can be used to learn?

    Thank you for sharing your exciting journey on this blog !

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