June 22, 2018

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In this post, I would like to share a .PCAP file of a TACACS+ TCP stream. This file was captured in a lab environment and is for educational purposes only. TACACS+ communication is encrypted by default so I have included the TACACS+ key so that you can see the decrypted information. Download link: https://blog.synack.co.uk/download/pcap-tacacs-pcap-file/ Key: Cisco123 […]

Cisco :: Configuring ASAv Active/Standby Failover

In this article, I will share the configurations used in the within the video below. The configurations enable one to configure Active/Standby ASA’s with failover and redundant failover links. I have included the topology below as a reference.   ASAv1 Configurations #Interface redundant 1 #Member-interface g0/0 #Member-interface g0/1 #No shutdown #Interface G0/0 #No shutdown #Interface […]

CCIE Security v5 :: Adding Remote FTD Device To The FMC

In this article, I wanted to demonstrate how we can add a Firepower Threat Defence appliance to an FMC located at another site. Let’s take a fictitious scenario to provide some context to why and how we configure the FTD device the way we do. Scenario Currently Synack Corp has one Firepower Management Center (FMC) […]

CCIE Security v5 :: Adding Devices to FirePOWER Management Center (FMC)

This article is intended to cover some of the topics listed within the ‘Perimeter Security and Intrusion Prevention’ section of the CCIE Security v5 blueprint. This article focuses on configuring compatible devices to be managed by the FirePower Management Center (FMC). It is assumed that devices are already installed and you have access to the FMC […]

Cisco DevNet :: Learn Rest API’s, Coding, Programmability & More

Technology is dominating the market more than ever and there’s no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. Coupled with this comes the need for specific skills in many different areas ranging from Networking, Programming and more. One of the areas that seems to be in the spotlight right now is Machine Learning and Artificial […]

CCIE Security v5 :: TrustSec Notes

Notes taken below are not exhaustive and can/will be updated if required. This is the first of many posts to come, where I share my CCIE Security v5 study notes. All posts are open for discussion, so feel free to add something you may have come across if related to the topic. What is TrustSec? IETF […]

CCIE :: Starting my CCIE Journey

I have been so busy over the last few months, I haven’t had much chance to post about certifications and my progress so I wanted to start by giving you a brief update. Over the last few months I have obtained my CCNA Security and more recently my CCNP Routing & Switching certification. It’s not been easy, […]

EVE :: The New Emulated Virtual Experience

Within this industry we have many tools available that allow us to test new technologies and better our skills. If like many, you find it hard to get your hands on physical lab equipment, you tend to revert back to virtual labs in order to do what you need to do, but with so many […]

Certification :: How I Prepare for Cisco Certifications

Over the last few months I’ve received many question about certifications, two of which were; How do I prepare for certification exams and what material do I use? Instead of replying to everybody on an individual basis, I have dedicated this article to answering your questions. This article will focus on the methods I used […]

Cisco :: Free IoT Training Here!

From connected bees to smart cities, the Internet of Things is the buzzword that makes all these things possible. If you’re not yet accustom with IoT and you’re looking at improving your skillset within the IT industry, take a look at Cisco’s new IoT course. The Introduction to IoT course is a FREE, 20 hour, self paced […]
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