July 19, 2018

Category: Bourne Again SHell

My first Exploit-DB Post!!

Recently I’ve started to get interested in bug hunting to further my understanding of all sorts of programming languages and I highly recommend it! Today I decided to turn my attention to the Netman 204 card by Riello which is a small network management card which provides the ability to monitor Riello UPS products and […]

BASH :: A quick script to help you search Postfix logs

Have you ever has to grep through mail logs on Postfix?  What you quickly find is there are two problems which quickly become really irritating: You grep based on email address and so only get the lines relevant to that email address.  Sounds obvious but that means if you search for a sender, you won’t […]

BASH :: check the Postfix mail queues for Nagios

Here is a tiny bash script that will check your Postfix mail queue and exit the code dependant on the result.  Often mail relays sit in the background not really ever breaking and therefore never being monitored.  I wrote this little check so the IT team would be the first to know if mail started […]

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