June 22, 2018

Category: Python

KT Labs EP4 :: Automation using Ansible for Network Engineers

In this Vlog, I discuss how Ansible can be leveraged by engineers to automate configurations and save time. Ansible files for download: https://blog.synack.co.uk/download/kt-labs-ep4-ansible-files/ More about setting up Ansible: https://wp.me/p8lfsH-mn Ansible Documentation: http://docs.ansible.com/   Getting started with automation using ansible from Kelvin Charles    

Python :: break a string into lines of Hex

You may have seen output like this in programs such as HxD and it can be really useful.  I forgot the exact reason I needed this script, but it will take a string and output it in definable line lengths of hexidecimal.  It may be easier to see it in the screen below.  If you […]

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