May 24, 2018

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OSPFv3 Virtual Link Configuration

In this article, you find many use cases for OSPF virtual links when and how they are used. We will dive into OSPFv3 for this example. All areas in an OSPF autonomous system must be physically connected to the backbone area (area 0). In some cases where this physical connection is not possible, Virtual-Links are […]

Demultiplexing And How It Works

In this article I will explain demultiplexing and how it works by walking through a .pcap file taken from the lab in the screenshot below.¬†We will focus on the data flowing from PC1 and SW1 to R1’s ingress port. Demultiplexing (DEMUX) is the method in which the TCP/IP stack uses to determine if datagrams have […]

Investigating HSRP

Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) is a Cisco propitiatory router protocol that provides first-hop redundancy for IP hosts on a LAN. It enables a set of router interfaces once configured to present a single virtual default gateway for IP hosts on the LAN. HSRP has two modes: ACTIVE – Physical router acts as the main […]

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