June 22, 2018

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CCIE Security v5 :: ICMP Redirects

Today I wanted to share my CCIE Security notes on ICMP redirect messages. ICMP Redirection is used to notify hosts that a better route is available for packets destined for a specific destination. This feature is available and enabled by default on all Cisco IOS releases but it is worth mentioning that there may be […]

CCIE Security v5 :: TCP Interception

This article accompanies the demonstration¬†video I have created below. TCP interception is a CCIE Security version 5 blueprint topic. What is TCP interception? TCP interception is a method used to protect against TCP SYN-flooding attacks. This is achieved by intercepting TCP connection requests (SYN packets) and verifying the connection before passing the original¬†TCP SYN packet […]

Cisco :: MD5 Password Cracking with Kali Linux

In this article, I would like to highlight the importance of using complex passwords when hashed with the MD5 128-bit algorithm. I will demonstrate the cracking of MD5 salted passwords using Kali Linux and a password cracking tool, John the Ripper. Cisco IOS devices use the MD5 algorithm to hash username passwords created by administrators. […]

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