May 24, 2018

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Demultiplexing And How It Works

In this article I will explain demultiplexing and how it works by walking through a .pcap file taken from the lab in the screenshot below. We will focus on the data flowing from PC1 and SW1 to R1’s ingress port. Demultiplexing (DEMUX) is the method in which the TCP/IP stack uses to determine if datagrams have […]

Packet Tracer Troubleshooting Activity :101

This activity has been created by myself to test those studying for the CCNA exam. Due to the requests I keep getting on YouTube to keep updating the link, I have decided to put together this post. The network topology below has two errors and it is your job to identify the errors and fix the […]

Exploring DHCP Requests

In this article I would like to explore DHCP requests so that we can understand what happens when a device sends a request to a DHCP server. Lets start by listing some important information about DHCP….. DHCP is the abbreviation for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol DHCP uses UDP 67 & 68 – 67 – In a […]

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