May 24, 2018

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DNS Sinkhole – What is it & Why do I need one?

In this post I will talk about DNS Sinkholing, what it is and how it can help you identify potentially infected machines. Useful in the fight against malware such as viruses, Ransomware and Crypto Jacking! What is DNS? Domain Name System – in very basic terms, the internet (and local networks) are all routed by […]

Cisco Umbrella :: Secure Your Home Network For Free

Every time you visit a website, in the background your device/s will request something called an IP address for the website that you have just entered, this is called Domain Name System (DNS) resolution. Keeping our focus on home networks, your provider would have normally already configured the relevant DNS settings for your network, which […]

PowerShell :: export DNS zones to a hosts file

Picture the scene!  Your data centre has caught fire so you grab you disaster recovery jump kit and run off to the standby site to start powering things up.  Whether you are using VMware SRM, Veeam replication or block level SAN replication you are going to need to connect to some servers / appliances right? […]

PowerShell :: a macro malware sender

Hopefully you have landed here having read Part I and Part II of my How to make your own macro malware series and already have a little context behind this script.  In short, it came from a need to send an email with an attachment to hundreds of recipients whilst alternating the email content and spoofing the […]

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