May 24, 2018

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Kali Linux :: Email Harvesting

In this post, I will show you a tool in Kali Linux that’s able to harvest email addresses that are publicly available on the internet. Why do I want to harvest emails? When working with a company to run a phishing campaign against you (for testing purposes), or indeed a hacker running a malicious phishing […]

PowerShell :: check the Exchange 2010 queues for Nagios

I wrote this little script to monitor the Exchange 2010 mail queues and flag up when there is some mail stuck in there.  In most infrastructures your emails will probably move onward to either a relay or AV appliance and a failure of one of these will see mail begin to back up on your […]

PowerShell :: a macro malware sender

Hopefully you have landed here having read Part I and Part II of my How to make your own macro malware series and already have a little context behind this script.  In short, it came from a need to send an email with an attachment to hundreds of recipients whilst alternating the email content and spoofing the […]

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