May 24, 2018

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Using PowerSploit to inject MSFVenom shellcode

This article will discuss how we can use the rather brilliant PowerSploit project, coupled with MSFVenom, to inject a staged Meterpreter reverse HTTPS shell into a running process.  This script can then be Base64 encoded and used in a USB HID attack or a macro malware document and I will write the relevant guides for […]

PowerShell :: Convert Base64 to a binary file

Hi, The script takes an input text file containing a Base64 string and then writes the decoded file back to disk.  You can also use the $PEBytes variable with the PowerSploit project to run the executable in memory without writing it to disk. This script is designed in tandem with PowerShell :: Convert a binary file […]

An Intro to Macro Malware

Hi, So, with macro malware the flavour of the year I thought I’d do a number of articles covering what it is, how simple it can be and how you can try and mitigate some of the risks. So what is macro malware and why is it so common? Macros add powerful functionality to Office […]

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