May 24, 2018

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How to make your own macro malware – Part I

Hi, So in our intro to macro malware blog we covered how macro malware is on the rise, is almost impossible to prevent and the only way many enterprise environments can harden against it is to educate their users into not opening those malicious emails.  In this blog, and the subsequent parts, I want to walk […]

PowerShell :: Split a long string

Hi, When I was writing some VBA for a macro malware project, I soon realised that there was a limit on the length of a string declaration in VBA which meant I had to break up a large Base64 string into multiple concatenations.  This PowerShell scripts automates that process and could be easily modified for […]

An Intro to Macro Malware

Hi, So, with macro malware the flavour of the year I thought I’d do a number of articles covering what it is, how simple it can be and how you can try and mitigate some of the risks. So what is macro malware and why is it so common? Macros add powerful functionality to Office […]

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